THE EVENT TOOK PLACE ON 17. – 19. 5. 2024

In the middle of May we went to the brewery Chříč, which is located near the border of the Central Bohemia and Pilsen regions. With the symbolic tapping of the foundation stone we started the construction of the retaining wall of the future ramp - a path from the upper part of the property to the lower garden, where various events and open air festivals are held. This ramp will make the site more accessible for seniors, mothers with children and strollers, and people with mobility limitations.
The construction of this wall was unique in that it is being built using dry-laid technology - without the use of mortar or concrete. The work was physically demanding and we had occasional rain, but that didn't stop us from staying in a positive frame of mind. 

In one and a half days we managed to build the basic part of the wall, which is 6 m long and up to 0.8 m high!
We were rewarded with delicious Chříč beer and cider. The experience was a tour of the unique brewery and the Museum of Everyday Life. Our final trip to the ruins of the Gothic castle Krakovec left us with strength.

Thank you to all the volunteers for their help.

Leader Ilnur

Propolis, z.s.

Propolis z.s. is a civic association focused on the revitalization of the dilapidated brewery in the village of Chříč. The aim of Propolis is to build a centre of culture, traditions, arts, crafts and to promote people's meeting and community life. The organisation organises various cultural events such as the carnival, the St. Pomeranian pilgrimage, the music and theatre festival Křič fest, as well as children's camps, workshops and craft workshops, etc.

The Chříč brewery operates as a social enterprise and provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities or social disadvantages.